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Engineering & Development Lead

Atlanta, GA
Senior Developer
Job Purpose
As an Engineering and Development Lead for Crypto Technology, you will play a critical development role in developing crypto applications. A key strategic objective, which is fully funded, will have engineering, development and integration aspects related to wallets for key crypto currencies. The product will offer crypto transactions on block chain and integrate with crypto ecosystems.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Work with stakeholders on gathering engineering and operational requirements for crypto systems
  • Design and Develop key system and application architecture
  • Plan and Estimate Key components, system and application development
  • Implement software systems and modules for various components and applications
  • Develop software modules which integrate with various internal and external wallet systems
  • Work closely with project management, product management and QA teams. This role requires strong collaboration and strong technical leadership skills in articulating complex technical infrastructure and concepts
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot system issues in production and external customer facing environments
  • Publish detailed application and enterprise level, architecture and design, documents
Knowledge and Experience
  • Bachelor or higher degree in computer science (major).  This is a key requirement for this 100% hands-on engineering and development role
  • 5+ years’ experience developing with Java or other programming languages in context of developing enterprise and secure systems
  • Experience running or integrating with nodes for public crypto currency implementations such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Experience with developing crypto currency applications
  • Experience with software, hardware or online crypto wallets
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
Core Competencies 
Competencies are the skills and behaviors that are critical both to your personal performance and to ICE’s continued success. The core competencies apply to every member of staff working for ICE and there are functional competencies which apply to your specific working ‘family’, these have been included below.
  • Offers time and/or assistance to colleagues; is widely regarded and respected as someone to go to for help
  • Fosters friendly and cooperative relationships with others; colleagues enjoy working with the
  • employee
  • Shares knowledge and mentors staff; works to develop others’ knowledge as well as own
  • Gives and shares credit as appropriate
  • Contributes to recruiting and training efforts of others, including candidate referrals, job interviews and mentoring
  • Attends and participates in company and department level functions inside and outside of the office
Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the urgent nature of our business and the need to proactively find and fix problems quickly and effectively takes ownership and follows through on decisions; doesn’t minimize or forget about problems
  • Determines and fixes root causes rather than just treating symptoms
  • Applies novel techniques to solve problems that are more ambiguous; challenges long-held beliefs when necessary
  • Quickly and effectively identifies alternative solutions and the pros/cons of each; confirms that a proposed solution has no unintended consequences
  •  takes steps to mitigate risk
  • Consults with colleagues and recommends solutions based on the best interests of customers and shareholders, even when the opinion is unpopular
  • Actively listens and speaks to, not over, others
  • Uses clear and constructive language orally and in writing
  • Communicates important developments to the relevant and appropriate audiences in a timely and consistent manner
  • Asks follow-up questions to ensure all points are understood
  • Takes time to objectively listen to all viewpoints before forming an opinion
  • Builds consensus among differing views
Professionalism & Integrity
  • Makes a positive impression; represents the company well on the phone and in person, including maintaining attire and appearance that is consistent with company image and appropriate for employee’s role
  • Models a ‘can-do’ attitude and takes initiative as a self-starter; inspires and motivates others to do the same
  • Embraces, rather than resists, additional responsibilities
  • Refrains from office gossip; settles rather than creates conflict with and between others
  • Exhibits desired work habits including regular office hours and extra hours when necessary while minimizing breaks and non-work-related activities
  • Adheres to all corporate policies; makes prudent use of company resources

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